Become a Reviewer // Scunthorpe Nights

We have now re-opened applications for volunteer reviewers. We are looking for reliable, friendly and passionate reviewers. Scunthorpe Nights is growing in popularity so we need more people to cover more gigs, venues & events.

Only trusted reviewers after completing a trial period of 1 or 2 reviews will be offered the bigger events.

Apply to be a reviewer here

Reviewer Checklist

  1. You must use your own initiative to find events and gigs to review. You can use Facebook event section or our calendar to search local events.
  2. You find something that interests you. You can then comment in the reviewers group to express your interest in a certain event or gig and check no other reviewers are already covering it.
  3. If the gig is ticketed we can sometimes request press pass entry, we can help with this in the reviewers group.
  4. If the gig/event you see is free, then there is no stopping you & you won’t require a press pass.
  5. Have a smartphone or camera and take a few snaps to add to your review cover. This attracts people to read your review.
  6. Be reliable and polite. If you agree to do a review but for some reason cannot make it, just let the organiser know.
  7. Once your review is done, you can email it to for checking and the admin will post it to the website and social media. Overtime if you become a long standing team member you can be given wordpress access to create, edit and submit your own reviews to the website.

Anyone accepted to join the team will be on a trial period, this is due to time wasters in the past. Obviously we want you to have fun and enjoy the events and gigs but at the same time you are there to review and promote. Being part of Scunthorpe Nights can bring outside opportunities for local writers/reviewers, bands and photographers.

Once accepted to join for a trial you will need to request to join our reviewers group.

We usually get a lot of applications but then receive no reviews. Anyone who joins the reviewers group and does not interact or attend a review within 4 months will be removed.

We work closely with our most supportive venues and partners. A few of these are listed below.

  • The Wortley House Hotel, Scunthorpe
  • The Penny Bank, Scunthorpe
  • The Lincoln Imp (currently seeking new management)
  • Steel FM (Local online radio)
  • Normanby Hall Country Park, North Lincs
  • The Baths Hall & The Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe

Back in the early days, the main admin would list all events and ask reviewers to cover certain events but now due to lack of time it seems to work a lot easier when reviewers seek their own reviews. Sometimes we will receive requests via email, which will be posted into the reviewer group to allow you to accept or decline.


What is Scunthorpe Nights?

Scunthorpe Nights is a not for profit promotion and review community. Our aim is to promote the local area and the great things happening. We do sometimes cover outside areas such as Hull, Doncaster, Lincoln etc.

Scunthorpe Nights Brief History

Scunthorpe Nights was started back in 2013 as a twitter account and progressed to Facebook by early 2014. In 2015 the creator, (Me) Leanne, set up a website and later self funded a domain/host with the help of a close friend. A few years on and The Wortley House Hotel came onboard as the website sponsor to fund the website fees. We have had a couple of different freelance reviewers over the years but Steven Potter has been the longest standing, whose main interest is gigs & comic con events. We also have another part-time reviewer William, who attends some of the pub live music gigs in the area.


Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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