The New Market // Let’s Talk Scunthorpe

So I’ve avoided saying St John’s market in the tagline to this post…mostly because it seems to fuel the fire of fury with some. Does it really matter that the name above the door doesn’t say Scunthorpe Market?….not really in my opinion…it’s still a market and it’s still in Scunthorpe.

Will I say: “I’m off to St John’s Market to get some meat” ….no probably not!

Call it what you like, it doesn’t really matter…does it?

The fact is, it’s improvement! I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with the place and how this communal eating area will work in our town.

Perhaps instead of saying it won’t work or being negative, take a new view with fresh eyes and make a judgement once you’ve seen it and experienced it.

Ask yourself:

When was the last time you visited the old market?…

Did the old market feel inviting and well maintained?

Did you go to town just to go to the market?

Did you love the atmosphere and layout at the old market?

Will you be more likely to park your car in the free multistory on a weekend, walk over a covered foot bridge and enter a new, bright market?….

The point I’m making is, it’s good, it’s new and it probably will entice more people in. The communal eating area is something that works very well in other places and hopefully it can work here too. I’d like to see live acoustic musicians and buskers be allowed to set up on an afternoon while I enjoy some food upstairs. Hull Trinity market was recently refurbished in the quieter old town area with this sort of theme and it’s worked well there.

I mean yes, there are some down sides to the move, with the extra cost to stall holders and some not being able to make the move and also the size of stalls and the nostalgia the old Scunthorpe Market holds for some.

The new market opens next month on Friday 22nd March 2019. Will you be going to have a look?

So…let’s have it… comment your views on the post on Facebook.

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Press Release // North Lincs Council

The market, while being in a modern setting, will offer visitors a celebration of retail heritage from Scunthorpe and the wider Lincolnshire region with a wide variety of stalls selling must-have, locally-sourced goods including fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, accessories, hardware and music.

Fresh produce will be available from butchers, greengrocers and fishmongers offering a unique experience for visitors to the town centre, six days a week from 8am to 5pm.

A new concept also being revealed for the market is The Food Court. Located on the first floor, with a large communal area for eating, drinking and socialising, a range of delicious foods – including hot and cold sandwiches, Indian street food, burgers, jacket potatoes, crepes, hot puddings, tasty sweets and cakes – will be on offer.

A licensed bar will be serving a selection of modern drinks including craft ales, cocktails and traditional beverages.
The Food Court will open six days a week with opening hours extended into the evening.

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