Gig Review // Scoundrel DayZ

Saturday night, I was at one of Scunthorpe’s established pub music venues The Dolphin Inn.

When I arrived there there was a large amount of diners there along with just as many people at the bar. In my opinion the food is excellent at The Dolphin and so is the entertainment. Which was the primary reason I was there to watch local band, Scoundrel DayZ.

Scoundrel DayZ are a five piece group that specialize in performing music from the eighties. It must be said that not only do they perform the songs of the eighties but they also produce an authentic eighties sound.
They are all accomplished musicians, the keyboard player and the vocalist were exceptional.
The band kept the audience happy in the short first half with numbers like The Power Of Love, Cars and White Wedding. By the end of this set the audience were joining in with vocal encouragement , requesting songs and enjoying themselves.
The band did a far longer second set in which they included such numbers as Hungry Like the Wolf and Summer of 69. At this point the everyone was still dancing and everybody in the room seemed to be enjoying themselves.
It is nice to see that Scunthorpe appears to have an active music scene, which is well followed.
Scoundrel DayZ can be included in this as they have there own following, which I can see growing.
If any venue, person or organisation are organizing an eighties music night I would say to you include Scoundrel DayZ!
Review by William Hazon
Edited by LGM

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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