Gig Review // From The Jam @ The Baths Hall

Saturday night at the Baths Hall, we walked in to a busy bar. The mods had come out for the night.

The layout of the venue for the night was good with half the auditorium standing and half seated. It’s a good job there was standing as these fans really wanted to dance. There was a lot of movement from the crowd during the performances and over looking from the balcony for the last part of the night, it was clear everyone was enjoying themselves.

Nine Below Zero was the support band for the night. The band was heavily influenced by blues, with the use of a harmonica throughout. It was nice to see the crowd filling up as the support band played. The crowd clapped and cheered along.

From The Jam (Official Band Page)

Russell Hastings is the only front man other than Weller to have worked with both Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler (former The Jam drummer). His passion and understanding of The Jam has entitled him to be credited by fans and critics alike as the perfect candidate to respectfully and admirably slip into the shoes of former The Jam front man Paul Weller, with whom he also worked alongside in 2011.

From the Jam are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Jam’s 3rd studio album, All Mod Cons, playing it in its entirety. As well as classics such as ‘Down In The Tube Station At Midnight’ and ‘A Bomb In Wardour Street’.The lead singer of the band really looked the part with his Weller style haircut. It’s obvious that this band are the top of the league when it comes to dedicating a tribute to the Jam with a 86k strong following on facebook and tour dates around the world.

The sound and vocals were an excellent replica and they managed to fit in a lot of the well known tunes.

It appeared the band had even managed to create the formation of a mosh pit in the centre of the dancefloor with some very excited Jam fans. All in all From the Jam are a must see for anyone who lived or loves the mod era of music and of course the Jam. It was predominantly a male audience but a real mix of people and ages. I have a feeling the band will be back again as they mentioned they had played Sydney more times than they had Scunny and as the front man said “That’s got to f**king change”.

Music concerts at The Baths Hall always seem well organised and prepared. With top notch sound quality and an abundance of theatrical lights. The staff were all friendly and helpful as usual and it was another good night at The Baths Hall.


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