Tacheless AllDayer // Cafe Indiependent

Tacheless All Dayer: Vol 3 at Cafe Indiependent, Scunthorpe.

Tacheless Promotions are back for another full day of top quality live music. Tickets are £10 early bird. Available online or from Cafe INDIEpendent.

Tickets here

Introducing ….
A journey through melodic pop is what’s to be expected from Stockport five-piece, Fuzzy Sun. The freshly formed line-up, fronted by the lulling vocals of Kyle Ross, sees a distinct and original take on chorus-heavy reveries. Daisy Valentines bold and melancholic synth, coupled with sweet and seductive harmonies is equally complemented by Lewis Jobson & Mitch Bancroft’s strong soothing groove through the rhythm section. Fuzzy Sun bring you contemporary pop, infused with psychedelia, dipped in naughties R’n’B nostalgia, with just a hint of disco flare.

“A glittery explosion carved out in the depths of Yorkshire. A cosmic symphony of rock and roll blasted through every available string.” Hot Waxx

An Electronic Lexicon of Stiff, Grounded Beats and Ethereal, Ascending fog.

Wulfman Fury are a freshly minted five-piece, releasing their debut single earlier in the year.
The band’s ferocious, unrelenting energy is driven forth by George Moran, frontman of Wulfman Fury and session guru extraordinaire.
New single ‘Draw The Line’ is an anthem-in-waiting, blessed with that crisp, punching chorus !

Scunthorpe’s finest !!

More TBA

Tickets here

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