Show Review // Someone Like You: The Adele Songbook

Katie Markham brought her touring show, Someone Like You – The Adele Songbook to her hometown of Scunthorpe at The Baths Hall.

It was a full house for Katie’s hometown show and we had a pretty good view of the stage from a distance on the back balcony.

Katie’s first number was the standout hit “HELLO”. Katie’s outstanding voice and her backing vocals really set the standard for the night.

After that introduction  it was a musical journey through all three albums. With hits like Chasing Pavements, Rolling in the Deep, Hometown Glory & Send My Love, each number was a tribute to the work of Adele with a few songs from artists that inspired Adele thrown in along the way.

On a couple of occasions Katie spoke to the audience and gave them some Adele facts and also the story of the time she met Adele on the BBC programme and in the crowd at an Adele Concert. Adele herself had commented she needs to go and see one of Katie’s shows but we weren’t lucky enough for it to be this time.

Katie’s costume choice and whole demeanour on stage were certainly reflecting Adele’s mannerisms with the hand movements and the way she moved across the stage. Her voice was mesmerising and although it wasn’t Adele it’s a brilliant tribute to go along to if you want to have a sing song.img-20171029-wa00161833004494.jpg

The Scunthorpe audience did seem a little tamer than usual but they seemed to get into the swing of things by the second half, standing in their seats and singing along. Katie left “Someone Like You” for her encore as the audience shouted for more.

I would recommend going to this show if you are an Adele fan and it was also nice to see Katie’s success in what she is doing now and how well she is doing it.

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