Save Scunthorpe Market

We don’t tend to cover news, but on this occasion it’s something the locals do feel strongly about and it is focused around town centre improvements.

Sign the petition

As you may have seen, consultations are underway for the Scunthorpe Market investment.

The council have a survey online, in which you can express your thoughts on the market, current and future.

The traders and local supporters are requesting your support to protest the possibility the council will move the market outside into a street market. A lot of the traders would prefer to stay put in the location they are now but what do you think? Would you visit more if it re located and had a more modern feel?

Where do you think the market should be?


Fill in the consultation on the council website

The petition info:

Scunthorpe Market is a local institution having been on the same site for over a century serving generations of local people. All traders are housed undercover, North Lincs Council is seeking to move traders outside, this is in some cases impractical and in many impossible due to the volume of stock they have and/ or hygiene considerations. The council also seeks to put the market in two separate locations. This petition seeks to persuade the council to keep the market together under cover and where it is.

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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