Film Review // What Happened to Monday (Netflix)

What Happened to Monday is one of the best films I have seen in a while. The title is one of the less inspiring and doesn’t give too much away in means of what the film is about. The film is set way into the future and has a real sci fi and new age feel and it works really well.
The overall plot of the film is overpopulation, which leads to a political figure Nicollete Caymen (Glenn Close) making the strict decision of a one child per family rule. Every sibling must be cryogenically frozen until the planet is in a more stable state. There’s a bit of a twist to that part so I won’t give it away.

You may also know the film as “Seven Sisters”, which is the main plot of this film. As I just explained you are NOT allowed siblings and certainly not seven. So the start of the movie features a grandfather played by Willem Dafoe who becomes secret guardian to his 7 granddaughters. He gives each child a name to relate to the day of the week.The 7 sisters are all played by the same actress Noomi Rapace.Which she does very well!

The film doesn’t show too much of the sisters childhood but flashes back to relevant parts now and then before skipping 30 years into the future. So we have 7 identical sisters age 30 all with their own personalities and different haircuts. We go back to them being named by days of the week, this is important as the sisters are only allowed out into the world on the day of the week that relates to their name. They live their life like this returning home for a meeting to inform the others what happened in the day and what will be happening the next day so they can successfully all take on the same persona under the name “Karen Settman”.

Karen Settman is a long dark haired, professional business woman and she’s waiting for a promotion. The day of the promotion comes and Monday heads off to work but this is where the title of the film becomes relevant, as we find out “What happened to Monday” when she never returns home from work that evening. The film is full of action and high tech gadgets. A world where everything is controlled and you are forced to wear a scanner and tracking unit to identify who you are, where you are and ensure you are an ONLY child. Without giving too much away the 7 sisters are uncovered and must face raids and attacks whilst also trying to find their missing sister. The screenplay is brilliant and the storyline is quite gripping. You want to know what happened to Monday and you won’t stop watching until you find out.

The film is now available on Netflix and it is well worth a watch. It seems Netflix are on the top of their game with some of their releases lately.
I didn’t find the film too predictable but I did find myself guessing throughout and proved right on a few parts. The film is quite immersive and you find yourself really getting into the action.

Would I recommend this film:
Definitely, if you like Sci Fi and action and even if you don’t. I don’t tend to get into Sci Fi too much but I really enjoyed this futuristic tale.

Scunthorpe Nights Star Rating: ★★★★★

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