Kingsway Golf Course // Nature Reserve (Your Thoughts?)

As you may have heard it has been proposed that the underused Kingsway Golf course in Scunthorpe could be made into a nature reserve similar to Ashby Ville.

The council have now sent out letters to local residents in the area. The questionnaire asks if residents have experienced anti social behaviour because of the woodland and golf course. I’d have to say no, living there for 26 years, yes of course you sometimes get kids/teens hanging about as you do most places but less often now than a few years ago and I used to be one of them but we weren’t anti social, we were polite and would say hi to the dog walkers and keep out of golf course while it was in use.
The woodland and golf course cause no more anti social behaviour than anywhere else in the area.

In our opinion the aim of the questionnaire seems to be to back up the reason of why it shouldn’t be made into a nature reserve. But what do you think?

People that live near the golf course, what would they like to see happen to it?

Reasons I think it should be a nature reserve are:

  • The woods is already home to a variety of different birds and animals, a family of deer also live here, which you can often see running across the golf course.
  • It is already pretty much a nature reserve without being called one and minus the golfers.
  • It has always been a nice woodland to walk in and many people take their dogs here.
  • The golf course is prone to flooding so creating ponds would perhaps help those whose houses back onto the golf course.
  • Selling of this land to build new homes on would cause all sorts of problems with traffic down Kingsway and Berkeley circle.

Ideas were once thrown about that the golf course would be turned into the more modern craze for youngsters of Foot Golf but this never materialised.

If the idea to turn the land into a nature reserve goes ahead then locals will be asked to become voluntary wardens of the land. Would this work and would you volunteer?

What do you think should happen to the golf course? Should the council sell it off?

If you are interested in the site becoming a Nature reserve you can join the new group on Facebook.  Search Make Kingsway Golf Course A Nature Reserve

These are our own views and opinions (not fact)

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