Review// Miles Jupp @ The Plowright

I went along to the Plowright theatre on Saturday night to watch comedian Miles Jupp, who has previously appeared on many TV comedy shows, one being Live At The Apollo.

It was a full house for the comedian with every seat filled with a few late comers causing people to rise from their seats, which was a little distracting at first.

Miles delivered stories and situations in which he was involved in for his latest tour “Songs Of Freedom”. Hanging behind him was a shabby looking sheet with these words printed at the head.

I had previously never heard of Miles, but my friend was a fan of the comic, as was most the people in attendance it would seem.
Throughout the show Miles made reference to the taunts he often receives due to a role of ” Archie” in a popular Cbeebies children’s programme “Balamory.” Sadly and admittedly, this is the only place I would have seen him before, although not recognised him as he looks to me, a lot different to what he did then. This is somewhat a big jump from that to comedy, although arguably Balamory could be seen as relatively funny show in the cheese factor.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy their evening at the Plowright, with plenty of laughs throughout the show.

Miles made slight references to politics and his own family and life experiences i.e the task of getting his children into the car, wives that constantly move your possessions etc. He delivered his stories in a polite and polished manner, which works well with his very well spoken accent.

Only one heckle at the start, so at least that got that out of the way. Miles quite clearly has a high intellect and it shows in his jokes and comedic style. Some of which probably did go over my head as I’m not quite as intelligent. The audience did appear to be predominantly into the older ages with afew youngsters scattered about. There was something everyone could laugh at though and parts that most people could relate to.

I did like how he would be telling the audience a story but then also be in the story at the same time as if he were in the situation and telling it. I’m not sure that makes sense but if you have seen him before you may know what I mean.

Overall it seemed the audience was happy with their ticket purchase to see Miles and no doubt if he returns it will be another sell out.

There is plenty more comedy coming up at the local theatres so don’t miss out…with names like Jimmy Carr, Joel Dommett, Chris Ramsey & Russell Brand.

So check out upcoming shows here


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