City Of Culture Launch // Hull

City of Culture “In With A Bang” was held on January 1st at Hull Marina. 25,000 Free tickets were released online months prior to the event. With any online ticket queue people had their frustrations but we managed to get some.

We arrived for gates opening at 6pm and wasn’t waiting too long to get through. We had turned up with over a 2 hour wait before the fireworks were due and it was extremely cold but we figured it would be worth it and it was.

The volunteers were all lovely even though they were spending their free time directing people in the extreme cold on New Years day. All so polite and friendly with smiles on their faces. As the zone we had tickets for was still quite empty when we got in we had the pick of where we wanted to stand and luckily enough when the barges full of fireworks pulled out they were pretty much right infront of us. I’m not sure what everyone’s views were like but ours were brilliant.

The fireworks were a little late in starting but after waiting for over 2 hours it didn’t hurt to wait another ten minutes. The arrangement and effort of the show was spectacular for Hull. The fireworks being let off to the accompanying sound and video on the big screens. I didn’t really see the screens as we were to the side of one but could hear bits and bobs. I didn’t see any trouble, fights or bad behaviour that the main press had brought up. Everyone was in good spirits that I saw even on the way out when it was a slow moving traffic of bodies to get out. Hats off to the council and all who was involved in organising the event and everything that went with it.

Another thing I must mention that I was very impressed with was the “MADE IN HULL” the projections on the historical city centre buildings. The photos and videos of it look good but they don’t do it justice. when you’re there and night with the surround sound and vibrant light shows on the buildings as people stand in amazement, it’s really quite magical. I’d really suggest you go see this one night as it’s on 4pm until 9pm until the 7th January.
Oh and Happy New Year!.. Feel free to share any images or videos or your views if you attended the City Of Culture launch event via our Facebook Page.

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