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I wouldn’t usually post in regards to new apps etc but this app has been developed from an idea from a Local Scunthorpian to help others who live with diabetes. So it’s nice to sometimes post about the good things that come out of the town other than music and events.

I myself do not suffer from diabetes however my best friend does. I have seen just some of the effects diabetes can have short term and long term.

Managing diabetes is definitely not as easy as it may seem to some often resulting in low or high blood sugar and in severe cases of improperly managed diet and insulin intake this can result in diabetic comas and different health aspects and problems along the line. The long term effects can be very serious and tracking and learning your body’s requirements to maintain stable isn’t easy.

As I say my best friend does have diabetes and he must use insulin on a daily basis and test his blood with a monitor. Although technology has progressed the tracking and progress of managing your diabetes is often overlooked. Firstly my friend told me that most people will carry a notebook and use it to record their results and dietary information but we live in the 21st century now, agreed!

He then decided he would start a spreadsheet recording his results using the cell colour formula to determine lows and highs in his results but this still wasn’t really giving enough feedback so he came up with a brilliant idea to develop an app with his brother to help other people like himself.

The app itself is visually simple and easy to understand even for someone like me with bare knowledge of the extensive control that goes into managing diabetes.

The app allows you to enter results from your blood monitor among other essential data. This is then collated into more detailed information online where there is a website you can log into and view detailed reports and graphs based on the information you have input.

This app will make it a lot easier to keep track and find out your averages and what works best for you. It is also a handy data for your health care professionals to view. You can give them a log on to the website with your results so they can see how you’re doing.

Even something as small as an app can help someone a lot. Whether you understand the condition fully or not it’s a handy piece of kit to keep on your phone.

If you wish to check the app out PENDULUM Blood sugar monitoring can download it now. If you would like more information about the app or how it works then please just comment and leave your email address and I will pass it on to my friend. There may also be a limited amount of free trials available to anyone wishing to try it and leave a review of usability in return.

If you don’t want to download PENDULUM Blood sugar monitoring then please +1 it on the Google play store. Many thanks.





Manage your diabetes more effectively by quickly and easily tracking your blood glucose levels, food intake and medication.

Publish all of your readings and medication to the companion website instantly, so that a nurse/physician/carer can review your progress.

Features a high contrast colour scheme, bold graphics and wizard like user interface to make things easier for those with limited eyesight.

You can configure the units used for your blood glucose readings, whether you measure your food intake using portions or grams of carbohydrate, as well as the medication types and dosages you regularly use and the colours used to indicate readings that are in and out of the normal range.

No identifying information collected. All reading data and notes are encrypted internally in the application and externally in the companion website.

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