The Return // Scunthorpe Nights

As you may have noticed we haven’t had much page activity this is partly due to Facebook removing our profile so it no longer posted website stories which became a little annoying in terms of sharing our content and secondly we just haven’t had time to be as involved in writing and reviewing as we used to. We may not be quite as active as previous years as personally myself I have had to take a step back and concentrate on other things but we are going to try get out and review some shows now and then.

We feel to give up on the network would be a shame, due to the first 1 1/2 years of the website going live we have hit over 64,000 views and Facebook reaching over 12,000 on a weekly basis when we are active. It seemed worth trying to keep up the posting even if it isn’t as frequent as before.

We would like to become as active as before but to do that we would need some more volunteers on board to review on a weekly or monthly basis, even one a month would be great or one every time you attend a show. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer get in touch. We often have free admission to certain shows and gigs so once you have written us one or two reviews you are more likely to be offered the shows to review with guestlist.

Apologies to many of you who have emailed inviting us to review and publicise but I just haven’t checked the emails much since last year. I will make sure I check on a weekly basis now as we have missed a number of invites but I hope I have managed to respond to you all with an apology.

If you can’t be bothered to review for us but you like to see what is going on or visit our site, the biggest help you can be is share our page or any posts you find relevant or of interest to you and your friends.

As always we will be bringing you this years Party In The Pines updates so there’s that to look forward to also.

Alternatively if you just think we are a load of rubbish then you can ignore this message 🙂

See you around soon.

Any food, concert, show and gig reviews please facebook message the page or email we look forward to hearing from you.

We DO NOT tend to review tracks emailed to us unless relating to a local gig so please if you have music to review try emailing the website from Sheffield as they have a network of reviews from all over and cover a broader area.

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Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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