Review // Party In The Pines 2015 (Albums & Videos)


It seems stupid to review Party In The Pines because well if you weren’t there to experience it, where the hell were you? For everyone that did turn up local and from far and wide, well done and thank you for supporting this growing local festival.

Situated in countryside and woods on a private clearing between Appleby and Broughton, the venue itself is just atmospheric in itself but once it started filling up it went off the scale.

Pines this time decided to go for some variety with the Main stage being indie based, the Fortress stage bringing you alternative and also an acoustic and dance tent. I did wonder how this would all fit in and if there would be sound clashes but once each individual stage was going you could only hear the one you stood in front of.

I have been to every pines since it opened to the public and it has just got better everytime with more and more people coming back year after year. This year Pines did choose to go with more out of town bands with some local bands mixed in. This did a good job as it brought knowledge of the local festival to the bigger towns where the other bands came from.

The main arena at night was just so high energy and the lights, smoke and music in the trees just looked and sounded amazing. Obviously we know the Enemy headlined, I don’t think anymore needs to be said other than, what a show. I won’t go into the acts as there was so many and all so great in their own styles and ways. Everyone is going to have favourites, so let’s here them…

It is so important that local people support Party In The Pines, how can you do this?…simply buy a ticket and have a good time. Party In The Pines is a family run festival so ticket sales are required to put the event on. A way you can help to keep Pines going and going is buying in advance not the day before and not off stuff for sale in scunthorpe. Support local and we will #Seeyouinthetrees again sometime.

Did you see the Drone flying around the arena at night? If so, here’s what it was doing.

Video by Ocuair

Check out all the amazing photographers albums that were at Party In The Pines and give their pages a like and their albums a share.

Bob Riach Jigsaw Photography

The Enemy at the Party in the Pines festival


Kevin Wells

Get adding your videos to Youtube Party In The Pines 2015 somewhere in the tag

Videos on YouTube

Well done to the Hird family and the Pines team for pulling it off again.

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