Quick Review // COM-INDIE July Edinburgh Preview

Last night we attended this month’s COM-INDIE hosted by Giggles Live. It was nice to see some new faces in attendance, especially as just up the road at The Baths Hall Alan Carr was performing.

This month’s Edinburgh preview was STEVE BUGEJA an upcoming comedian and 2013 BBC NEW COMEDY AWARD WINNER RUSSELL KANE & LEE NELSON TOUR SUPPORT.

Steve’s set was pretty long as he has been preparing it for Edinburgh festival this year. More than quick fire jokes and instant laughs he spins a tale about not facing fear, a story about picking up his best friends dad from prison. He used this story to spin other shorter stories in. There were a couple of good jokes hidden in the long story but it did seem to last a long time and the ending to the story was a little anti climatic. Don’t get me wrong Steve Bugeja is a funny guy, he is likable and he holds himself well whilst performing. All the traits of a good comedian are there. Also the atmosphere at Cafe INDIEpendent to any of the comedians is bound to be a little bit daunting and unfamiliar as people are sitting on comfy sofas and drinking coffee not beer.

There were a number of other comedians before Steve trying out new material one being quite regular to the nights funny man Jack Gleadow. There’s just something about Jack that makes him funny the way he delivers his material and interacts with the audience. Last night his set was purely audience interaction but it worked well and got some laughs and participation.

The first comedian on stage also got quite a lot of laughs with some renditions of popular heavy metal songs to the tune of nursery rhythms with the use of his acoustic guitar.

Jed and Gary also brought back this month the “Mock the Week” style comedy round, where members of the audience put the guys on the spot to think of funny material related to a theme shouted out.

COM-INDIE will return next month so keep a look out and give it a try, if you support Cafe INDIEpendent then this night needs your support as it is a fantastic little comedy night that has the potential to be great with more of an audience for it, the comedians at these nights are practicing new material and you could have the opportunity to discover the next comedy gem before anyone else.

Also in Comedy this month…

Funny Scunny Heats start next week

Do you think you’re funny?
The Baths Hall is again hosting its Funny Scunny competition and searching for a new comedy star.The winner will receive £400 cash, a trophy and the chance to perform at a future Knock Knock comedy club night. Heats take place on 15, 16 and 23 July. Each night starts at 8pm and entry is completely free.

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