Quick Food Review// The Black Horse Inn – Blyton

What’s a quick food review, as appose to a Food review? This means it’s short and sweet as it wasn’t booked in but we fancied eating out and giving an opinion on what we ate. We try to be honest and opinions are our own  so we do not expect everyone to agree. That is why we welcome comments and guest reviews.

So Sunday afternoon we fancied a drive out to see where we ended up for food, we passed the Black Horse Inn, which is in Blyton. Not too far from Blyton Ice cream.

A well looked after building from the first appearance on the outside and quite a quaint little country pub inside. We were pointed towards a free table and ordered a Sunday dinner.

20150531_144151[1]There were options for how many different meats you wanted on your plate. As you could pick 1, 2 , 3, 4 different meats on your plate from a selection of Beef, Turkey, Ham, Pork and I think for a little extra you could get lamb. I chose to have 3 meat traditional Sunday roast dinner. The Ham was tender and very tasty, the beef was a little hard to cut but wasn’t bad at all and we could blame the knife and my cutting skills, the pork was OK a little dry. The one thing I would liked to have seen more of is, condiments as we didn’t have an sauces to go with our meat. Although we did get quite a bit of gravy all over our plate, which for me I like, because I can never have too much gravy but I think some people may prefer less or non at all and that option of a jug wasn’t given.

The food came quickly and we weren’t having to wait too long but maybe that is because of the time we went.

They do state on the little menus “We are a Pub NOT a restaurant” not quite sure what that means as it does look mostly a place people dine rather than get drunk. The menus did make me laugh as they seemed a little abrupt in some places, with certain quotes. Maybe that was the angle they were going for, or maybe it was to stop people moaning, I’m not sure.

The veg was freshly prepared and cooked so there wasn’t a microwave bag of veg on the plate. I found the whole meal quite enjoyable and home cooked and you did get a good portion for £7.50.

Overall the meal was good and looks perhaps like something you might receive at your grandmas house on a Sunday, which isn’t a bad thing. We also maybe went at a bad time as the staffs spirits were lacking a little. Perhaps we missed the rush and stressful period of dinner as we went after 3 and the staff were probably wishing for home time, but it made it a little awkward to ask anything, e.g for some apple and horseradish sauce, as you felt like you might be putting them out. 20150531_144157[1]

Would I go again? Probably as it was good value for money for the amount of meat and the pub itself is quite sweet inside. The Sunday dinner included all the right elements you’d expect and even some crispy parsnips, which were rather nice. Sometimes I prefer a Sunday meal brought to me rather than a carvery so it made a change. Next time I visit I would maybe try something off the normal menu.


Get the menu

Booking & Address

Black Horse Inn, 93 High Street, Blyton, Gainsborough, DN21 3JX

Tel: 01427 628277

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★
Hygiene:  ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★
Overall Dining experience:  ★★★

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