Lincolnshire House // Need Your Votes #CerebralPalsy

The Aviva Community Fund offers support and funding to inspirational local projects in your community. Together we can do more for the causes you care about.
Lincolnshire House have entered to win this funding but they need your votes. Lincolnshire House is a registered charity based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, providing residential, day and respite care services for adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Please take the time to use your ten votes and support a great local organisation.

Register and log in now to get your 10 votes – you can spread them around or use them all to support one project.

What do Lincolnshire House plan to use the funding for?

The Multi-sensory room provides a relaxation area for individuals who wish to spend some chill out time. It comprises of various light shows produced by a wall projection, ultra violet light, colourful bubble tubes and a fibre optic array. We have soft relaxing furnishings, including floor mattresses, arm chairs and bean bags.

A very popular feature is the ball pool, containing numerous small plastic balls into which users can sink and relax, watching the light displays with the option of tranquil music to enhance the atmosphere. The room is virtually in constant use, either by our own service users or by special needs individuals from the community, who can hire it on an hourly basis (we have one young lady who uses it two afternoons a week with the assistance of her own carers,).

It is an ideal room, very therapeutic if individuals start to get a bit anxious or irritable, or if they just want a bit of space and a quieter atmosphere, and forms an integral part of the services we offer at Lincolnshire House.

The Multi-sensory room is in desperate need of updating. Most of the equipment is over 15 years old. We have made enquiries to ROMPA who installed the original equipment and they have come up with a fantastic design which we would love to be able to install.

At the moment all of the funds raised through our charity have been allocated to building improvements and so we are looking for donations to enable us to purchase the equipment for the Multi-sensory room.


Published by Scunthorpe Nights

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