Review // The New Comedy Night In Town “COM- INDIE”

Thursday 9th of April brought Scunthorpe the second helping of the new comedy night at Cafe INDIEpendent hosted by Giggles Live. Bringing you stand-up comedy events, showcasing top regional and national comedic talent.

The night is Hosted by funny man Jed Salisbury (Funny Scunny champion 2014).

The full line up last night included performances from the following comedians:

Jed Salisbury
Gary Jennison
Rich Austin
Anna King-Jackson
Dave Rivers
Steve Goodhall
Ross Brierley

The first COM-INDIE night we reviewed we mentioned the the stage was a little on the dark side, this had been fully corrected and the stage looked a lot more professional with it’s set up, sound and lighting. The night ran smoother and flowed through performances.


The atmosphere was pretty relaxed with tea light candles on the tables and the audience seemed a little shy. But this is probably to be expected if people are drinking coffee and not alcohol on a Thursday night. We don’t mind getting some interaction so we sat right at the front in the centre this time.

You get a lot of different comedians with a lot of different styles for your £3.

2015-04-09 22.10.09
Ross Brierley

We were particularly impressed this month by the headline comedian Ross Brierley, who had travelled from Leeds. The reason we enjoyed his performance so much was his enthusiasm and the fact he didn’t really care about the audience reaction to feed from, he worked on his own and performed to the people who were giving a reaction. He didn’t create awkward laughter by pointing out the quiet audience. He was very professional in his delivery of comedy and his material was well thought out,written and put across. He kept it lively, interesting and energetic.
His story about what he wanted to be when he grew up got some pretty good laughs though as he explained he wanted to be one of those blow up tube men that the car sale garages use, which then lead to a rather good impression of one. His repetitive line emphasis also worked well “Ladies & Gentleman Tonight”.

There is too many comedians to go into each and every one of them but they all were very different from each other. This night is a good opportunity for comedians to test new material and get a feel for what works and what doesn’t and for the audience it’s a good night to discover new and fresh comedic talent at such a low cost.

It would be great if more people could try get along to the next instalment of COM-INDIE and bring some friends. It’s a cheap and funny night out, what else are you going to do on a Thursday night? So give it a go and support local comedy.

The next COM-INDIE will take place on May 14th at Cafe INDIEpendent on Scunthorpe High Street.

(Reviewer: Leanne G-M)

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