WHY // Invite Us To Review For You?

WEEKLY- Even on a slow day of posting we will hit over 100 visitors to our website and into the hundreds on Facebook. On a good day with top posts we can hit the thousands. If you don’t believe us then have a look. Obviously certain things are more interesting to people than others. That is why we tend to try throw in the odd food review or news story to mix it up a bit.

We are currently taking bookings for reviews for 2015 for events and food reviews so get in touch. We already have quite a few booked in even as far away as August so please try give advance notice.

How much will it cost you?

Well it won’t cost you anything money wise, it’s free as we are non profit. Myself and another main admin fund the cost of web hosting and domain etc from our own pockets, because we enjoy doing it and like helping support local whether it be venues, organisations, charity, events or just something worth knowing about locally.

When inviting us to review our policy is usually free review tickets because if we paid for everything we attended, well we just couldn’t. We often go to a lot of things we wouldn’t ordinarily so it costs us.

For local organisations and charities we don’t expect anything except a few shares on Facebook.

If you use something from Scunthorpe Nights I.e re post a review we have done for you please credit Scunthorpe Nights or the person who has taken the time to write it if it states the name.

All reviews will be selected and sent for publishing to The Scunthorpe Gazette. Want to know more about the Scunthorpe Gazette click here.

What will we review?

  • We tend to stick to entertainment so any sort of event/gig/concert.
  • We will also review local facilities and venues.
  • We now review food

We have now adopted some regular guest reviewers to cover things we can’t make.

Contact us:

We have included some screenshots of our stats:


Our Calendar- Invite us to your event by inviting us on Fcebook- Please note this will not mean we are reviewing just because we accept, you need to request a review so we know to come along.
Invite: http://www.facebook.com/scunny.whatson


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Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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