image PRESS RELEASE 2015

Awesome Monster Trucks, High Flying Motorbikes & BMX teams battle it out as BIG AIR is the name of the game this summer as our boys hit the air flying!  You’ll be keeping your feet firmly on level ground as the Extreme Team take to the air to battle it out!

Join us on the runway as our monster beasts compete once again in the Extreme Arena.  Still pulling 1500 horsepower and car-crushing to the max, Lil’ Devil and Extreme are getting ready to demonstrate just what BIG AIR is all about. Check out the Extreme BMX team as pedal power takes to the horizon.  As long as it’s got two wheels and plenty of stamina it’s game on, as these talented young riders showcase their tricks mid-air.  Including all your favorites and a few yet to be invented.   Heads up as the Extreme FMX team hit the skyways flying.  A head for heights is a pre-requisite as our boys fly through the air displaying cliffhangers, nac nacs and supermans to name a few.

Battling for air space, our resident riders are sure to get the adrenaline pumping as they defy gravity. Come and join the team for all the fun in the air as our usual airmen combine with our new stunt crew to deliver the chaos and destruction you’ve come to love and expect from the world famous Extreme Team.   Prepare to be astounded as our very own Extreme BMX team, show you how it’s done with excessive pedal power.  Check out their bunny hops, barspins, 360s, tailwhips, flairs and of course the backflip.   With performances from our firm favorites who are primed and ready for take-off, the Extreme Team are fired up to showcase their tricks.  Two wheel driving, fire stunts and just good old-fashioned chaos to take you all the way to the extreme edge. image

We can’t wait to see you at one of our shows this summer, just make sure you bring plenty of enthusiastic energy! So, Grab your boarding passes early and take advantage of the discounted advance tickets online and guarantee yourself a place for the HOTTEST ticket in town.

Tickets 08444 771000

Info line 0203 375 6506

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.


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