Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club // SPYGAME

A local theatre group is to put on a new production at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe, and tickets are now on sale.
The plot of Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club’s latest production involves a new TV reality show which could bring stardom and a huge amount of prize money to winning contestants. Five hopefuls have been invited to spend five days at a remote country house where just one will be chosen to take the ultimate challenge of Spygame.

The contestants come from various walks of life and are presented with five days of rigorous tests and training to ascertain which of them will be chosen. Each of the five has a secret which may count against them – unless they can hide it from the organiser. It is soon realised that they may have to work together in order to succeed, and their ideas are not made any easier by having to deal with a Romanian servant who neither speaks nor understands English.

They rapidly begin to realise that the organiser has a different agenda to what they expected. Conditions in the contracts they signed begin to look ominous. Perhaps they should have read the small print more carefully?

Spygame by Bettine Manktelow is presented by Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club on Tuesday 28th April to Saturday 2nd May at 7.30pm at the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe. Tickets are £10 each and available from the Box Office on 08448 542776.

Spygame is directed by Damien Hallwood. This is the first time Damien has directed for Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club, so it should be an interesting experience for him.

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If you are interested in theatre work, either on stage or behind the scenes, why not contact the Little Theatre Club to see how you could get involved? Many hands, as they say, make light work!

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