Guest Review // Paul Weller At The Baths Hall

We didn’t manage to make it to the popular gig that happened in Scunthorpe at The Baths Hall this week, but luckily we have managed to find a young lady who did and has kindly guest reviewed the concert for us. So many thanks to Charley Grace Eddy.

Image Courtesy of Charley Eddy
Image Courtesy of Charley Eddy

“Tuesday March 17th was a very happy date for me.
Not only was it St Patrick’s Day, but it was also my birthday and I got to celebrate it in possibly one of the best ways, front row watching Paul Weller & his full band.
Growing up in a house full of music, I had heard many Paul Weller tracks throughout the years (Stanley Road being one of my dad’s favourite Lp’s of all time.)

Opening support act were the Sugarmen, a 4 piece high energy punk pop band from Liverpool. Highly rated and with their debut album produced by Mick Jones (The Clash) and recorded at Paul Wellers studio, they have great support behind them. They were slick, polished and slightly reminiscent of early Libertines with a dash of Orange Juice. These guys are going places and are a regular support act for The Sleaford Mods, Blur, The Who and Paul Weller.

The 2000 fans then awaited the Modfather and his band to take the stage.
The opening track “Kosmos” set the tone and energy level for the performance.
A carefully balanced mixture of old and new tracks (20 in total) were played effortlessly, skilfully and at full speed.

The band were superb musicians in their own right and played together seamlessly. Even a broken guitar failed to impact on their performance.
The sound the band produced was unbelievable, it’s very rare to be able to reproduce what’s on a CD (especially one as produced as Paul Wellers) to a live performance, but they did it with pure ease.

I recognised many of the old tracks (Porcelain Gods, Friday Street, Broken Stones, Peacock Suit, Uh Huh, Oh Yeh) and loved the newer tracks (Saturn’s pattern, Brand new Toy).

Although I heard many fans say something along the lines of ‘I hope he plays that’s entertainment.’ And ‘when is he going to play going underground’
You have to think to yourself…Would you want to play songs that you’ve been playing for decades, or would you want to showcase your new material?

Paul Weller has already made it, he has already achieved his goals of getting his music known, so he’s arrived at the age where he doesn’t need to attract fans now, it’s time he plays the songs he enjoys to write and perform.
And judging by the audiences reaction, all the fans truly did appreciate the new music he had to showcase.

The first encore was These City Streets and Foot of the Mountain, followed by the second encore of Broken Stones, Picking up sticks and ending on a high note with The Changing Man. Slowly but surely shuffling my way to the front I eventually got to the barrier at the end and even managed to catch the mod fathers guitar pick!

This was the sort of event that The Baths hall was built for, and will hopefully lead to more of the biggest names to perform at Scunthorpe.
All I can really say is, Paul Weller’s face might of aged, but his talent certainly hasn’t.”

(Guest reviewer: Charley Grace Eddy)

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