Quick Review // Com-INDIE With Giggles Live

Cafe INDIEpendent always try to introduce different events to their venue ranging from the more artistic and poetic to Folk, Rock & all kinds of live music.

Last night the diverse Cafe brought a new event type to their venue with the help of “Giggles Live Comedy”.

The stage setting was described by one the comedians as the set from the popular TV show “Mrs Browns Boys.” I suppose with the old standing lamps and plants it probably could have passed for that comparison.

In true Cafe INDIE style we carried our tub chair down to the basement, while the rest of the sofas in the venue were being carried down stairs. People can’t complain it isn’t cosy and comfy down there. Now in the past when I have been to comedy nights sofas are complained about my the comedians as they prefer people on tables and chairs. I suppose they find it easier to interact with the audience and people don’t get too settled.

Why would being too comfy and settled be a bad thing you say? Well to a comedian they want and need your attention and laughs to keep their material running otherwise it is just a guy standing on stage.

Personally the sofas aren’t all that bad because it is the venues charm to be homely, but I did miss the candle light feel that Cafe INDIE sometimes introduce I felt this could have made the atmosphere even better.

For the first event it went quite well as the audience and the comedians don’t quite know what to expect, when launching something like this at a new venue. The only problem on the night was perhaps the lighting. Some of the comedians had quite visual jokes and expressions and they were a little bit set into the darkness so it was harder for the people at the back to get the humour from action and props.

Jed Salisbury was the compere for the night, I’ve seen him a few times previously from attending the local Baths Hall comedy competition “Funny Scunny”, which he won. As well as funny man Jack Gleadow, who describes himself as the illegitimate love child of the Chuckle Brothers.

Some acts got more than others, naturally and the act I hadn’t seen before that most stood out was “The Naked Idiots”. They did more of a sing-song and sketch. Using a pub quiz scenario and a medium, spirit guide and audience experience. That got quite a lot of laughs from the audience, specially when I was one of the targets.

Scunthorpe already has a couple of comedy nights around but it is important to support any event that interests you, so let’s keep it going. It was nice to see quite a few people turn out on a Thursday night to Cafe INDIE to watch some comedy but it would be even nicer to see more.

A comedy performance feeds from a loud and up for it audience so next time you see Giggles Live back in the Cafe, for the very small price of £3. Get yourself down it’s well worth the money for a night out. This event could really grow into quite a nice little regular comedy club so it needs local support. One more thing not really to do with the comedy, but if you like flavoured Ciders, try the Old Mount bottles behind the bar (very nice).

Here are some of the comedians from last night, I have managed to find on Twitter.






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