Review // Battle Of The Bands Kicks Off For Heat One

Last night I was invited to judge the first Heat of the new Baths Hall music competition ‘Battle Of The Bands’. The bands are marked in four categories and scored accordingly then added up at the end to produce two heat winners. Cleethorpe’s band Cortus came 2nd in their heat and first up to go through was Sheffield duo The Royal Ocean.


Personally what I look for is a band that can keep me gripped for a whole performance and my eyes on the stage. Also looking at their technical ability and the passion they put into their performance. Watching a band is not always just about the music, well it is because that has to be good too but it’s also the way they hold theirselves on stage. Watching a band enjoy their own performance is probably one of the best gig experiences.

All the bands last night had their own styles with apparent influences shining through. This isn’t a bad thing and it can be done originally.

For a Thursday night in Scunthorpe a crowd was always going to be hard to gather but it didn’t affect the bands effort and well done to those people who did make it out to support. The sound and lighting in the side bar at The Baths Hall was well set up and set the mood.

It was really nice to see new out of town bands or perhaps bands you wouldn’t see often on the Scunthorpe gig circuit. There is just something quite exciting about seeing new bands, one might catch your eye and you walk out a fan. I know sometimes paying for a gig when you don’t know the bands or you don’t know if you will like the music does seem pointless but it really isn’t. Sure you might end up not liking any but that one gig you do go to you might find your next favourite thing.

Last night the line up was a mix of genres from band to band, which kept it interesting. Some of the bands had certain members who really showed off some musical skill and excellent vocal ability and range.

The bands that made it through to the final were both quite different from each other with Cortus you have a quite melodic heavier rock out, with a lot of stage movement and synchronised jumping, which makes it a performance rather than just playing. It was definitely the most metal of the night. The heat winners The Royal Ocean, I’d never seen these guys live before and didn’t realise they were a duo until I saw them, their sound is pretty full for a two piece. They made drums and guitar enough. They had good crowd banter and certainly gave it their all, making up for the fact there was only two of them on stage to entertain you.

Corsicana, definitely have something good going and delivered a professional and tight performance.They showed a strong unity as a band. The Rouges were also pretty interesting in their styling and put across a strong set, they reminded me a little of The Kooks. Last on stage were a band called Grumble Bee, now having checked these guys out on Youtube along with the other bands that had videos, this band looked pretty promising with a really unique and strong vocalist and a somewhat familiar Alt Rock feel about the music. Sadly this was their first time out on the gig circuit for over a year and a half and it did show. But they have some real solid material and potential. Overall every band had great vocals with such varying ranges, which were shown to the full potential and I hope to catch them again playing locally.

You can check out all the bands from the first heat via our Heat One Links article.

The Battle returns tonight (Friday 6th March)

Fri March 6 2015 7:30PM
Wed March 11 2015 7:30PM
Fri March 27 2015 7:30PM

You can pay at the Box Office or buy tickets Online via the links above.

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