Review // Grease Sing-A-Long – The Baths Hall

Learning The Moves

On Saturday The Baths Hall was transformed into a cinema, using a large projection screen, through the daytime the popular Disney film “Frozen” and by night we went along to Sing-A-Long Grease.

There was quite a lot of giddy Grease fans all dressed up in their best outfits. A lot of pink ladies and surprisingly a few T Birds also. One woman that particularly stood out managed to bag herself best dressed as her outfit represented the beauty school drop out part of the film and it really was quite spectacular effort.

wpid-20150221_190319.jpgTo start with I didn’t really know what a Sing-A-Long involved, I thought maybe you sit down watch the film and the words come up on the bottom of the screen. But this was not the case and it was made into much more of a interactive experience, as well as being encouraged to sing and dance throughout, upon arrival everyone was handed a brown paper bag, what we did with this brown paper bag and it’s contents of a tissue, party popper, Flag & a Balloon soon became clear as the female host on stage explained the ins and outs and instructions of when & how to use these props.

The audience were also instructed to jeer throughout the film with hissing,cheers & related noises and words. We were all taught the moves to Grease Lightning and the Hand Jive.

It really was a lot different to a cinema experience and I found the on screen animations overlay on the film encouraging reaction rather quite funny.Everyone seemed to have a great time and seemed to really get into the Grease mood. People were laughing, singing and dancing and it was great to see so many people go to the effort of dressing up.

I would really recommend going to see one of the Sing-A-Long shows in the future at The Baths Hall, whether it be with the kids or for a night out with your friends.

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