RACHEL SERMANNI makes a speedy return to Scunthorpe to headline The Mouth Magazine’s first SUNDAY SPECIAL, on 1st March at Café INDIEpendent.

It’s likely to be a poignant evening, with Rachel performing songs from her brand new album before going off to travel the world. “It hasn’t taken long for this new album to form itself,” says Rachel of TIED TO THE MOON, the follow-up to 2012’s critically acclaimed UNDER MOUNTAINS. “Throughout TIED TO THE MOON there is a darker disposition – but my hope is that the songs project the flickering image of a Moth, striving for light”.

In mid-November Rachel headlined The Mouth Magazine’s AUTUMN SPECIAL at the Café, which turned out to be a very special night. “Scunthorpe came as a great surprise, a definite highlight to last year’s UK tour,” says Rachel. “I was struck by the strength of creativity and artistic integrity that everyone – organisers, volunteers and audience members alike – possessed. It was encouraging and heartwarming”.

The Mouth Magazine’s Editor, Steve, concurs: “I’d seen Rachel in concert before, but on this particular night something magical happened. I don’t think anyone was expecting quite what they got – least of all me, actually – and I definitely know Rachel wasn’t quite sure what she was in for by coming to Scunthorpe. Despite the sadness in her music, there was a joyous energy to the whole night – including some impromptu dancing at the end”…

Rachel adds: “I especially enjoyed the last dance!”.

Not just as a gig venue but as an institution the Café left quite a mark on her: “There’s a creativity and liveliness at Café INDIEpendent that deserves encouragement and support. Good things spawn from that place, no doubt”.

The Mouth Magazine is grateful for the chance to bring Rachel back. “It was a lovely surprise for us – the magazine and the Café – that Rachel was keen to return so soon and sort of say her farewells before going off adventuring round the world,” says Steve. “But we’ve all been delighted to work together pretty quickly to put this show on, and we’re thankful to associate sponsors SC4 and Muddy Boot Productions for their assistance in making it happen”.

After soundcheck at the November show Rachel filmed a version of unreleased song TO WAIT TO WIT TO WOO as an exclusive, the second time she has appeared in session for The Mouth Magazine. “I’m extremely grateful for The Mouth Magazine’s continuing support,” says Rachel. “It makes things much easier when you know that people care. They provide extremely sensitive and stimulating interviews, and they always make an interesting read or listen”.

“It’s flattering to hear Rachel speak in these terms about both The Mouth Magazine and Café Indie,” says Steve. “In itself that’s a big reward for everyone involved for the hard work in putting the shows on. And, on the website, it’s been a pleasure to champion her music a little. Really, once you’ve heard that incredible voice singing those beautiful and quirky songs, how could you not?”

Support at the SUNDAY SPECIAL comes from Canadian songwriter TOM TERRELL, whose self-titled solo debut album blends Americana with contemporary folk. Opening the show will be Scunthorpe’s own Duke & The Daisy. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. Tickets will be available from the Cafe itself in the near future, or – for now – from SeeTickets.

Ticket link:


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