Scunthorpe LGBT Need Your Help

Last year Scunthorpe LGBT ran a number of no pressure, casual and social meet ups. Where for one night all LGBT of the area is invited to attend Cafe INDIEpendent on Scunthorpe High Street.

Due to uncertain attendance and lack of volunteers to help promote and run the session they have not yet started up again in the new years.

Last year over the sessions, Scunthorpe LGBT meet ups attracted on average 20-30 people on a good month and maybe 5-10 on a slow month.

The problem is without consistent members and attendance, activities can not be put on so you are left to your own devices to chill out. Now for some this is fine, but others want something happening, whether it be a film or musician or even an event etc. People get bored and some people have travelled from out of town on occasion just to attend.

So what Scunthorpe LGBT are asking for is, Volunteers to help run the meet ups or assist. Also people who are interested in becoming members. Now this doesn’t cost you anything it just means with members there are a lot more options for creating something to put on every month.

Msg from Scunthorpe LGBT Admin: “I would encourage people to get involved rather than turn up, say it’s boring and never come again. Yes a meet up isn’t for everyone and I myself don’t benefit personally. But I benefit from seeing that LGBT of all ages can find new friends or just hang out and have a laugh with people similar to their age over a coffee. I have other commitments and am currently running it alone. I want to get more of the college students involved in creating a monthly meet up that people their age want to go to. I suppose like a youth club.

The cafe is a large venue and there is plenty of space for two things at once. Coffee and chill upstairs and activities in the basement. I am hoping to perhaps move more of the responsibility over to other local LGBT groups for more input and action. “

So please we have already received around a dozen or so emails and messages regarding the meet ups. But we need more to get it going again otherwise it just cannot go ahead. Show your interest via or contact via Facebook

If you don’t need support, please give up some of your time to support someone who does. Leave the attitude and pre conceptions at home and make a friend, have a conversation.

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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