Gig Review// Scunny’s New Rock Revolution

2014-11-15 20.39.07
Best Reptile

Always supporting local, the whole Scunthorpe Nights team joined the New Rock Revolution at Café INDIEpendent on Saturday. Targeted at the rock/alt scene of Scunthorpe & surrounding. The night featured 3 top alternative local bands, with a rock disco playing inbetween sets. The gig took place in the basement area of the café. The temporary BYOB policy certainly didn’t put people off from attending, and people seemed to have no problem turning up with their own cans and bottles and everyone seemed to be in high spirits.

First to the stage were Best Reptile. This  local 3-piece include members of former local legends Shuriken and as their debut gig, the band played an extremely solid and lively set, pleasing the crowd. We look forward to hearing more from Best Reptile soon – especially as their Facebook page informs us they are recording an EP next month.

The Erotic Politicians

The second act of the night were the Erotic Politicians. These guys are fantastic. The music from this rock band is tight and technical, with humorous twists in the vocals, which adds a grin to go with the uncontrollable head banging and foot stomping when listening to this band.Mike Thorpe from the band Erotic Politicians was behind the night itself so a well done to him on performance and putting the effort into organising the night.

2014-11-15 22.22.52
JoJo – Tripdown Project

The final band of the night were The TripDown Project. It’s been a busy year for the TripDown boys, having embarked on a European tour earlier in the year, and then working on their recently released album – Post Modern Delay. The band were kind enough to give Scunthorpe Night’s a pile of their albums to give away for free after their set, which were well received by the crowd. The band played a decent set of mostly originals, with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure. The cover of Just Dropped In, originally by Kenny Rogers (covered in the style of Supergrass) went down particularly well with the crowd. Always a brilliant act to see, I most enjoyed the epic guitar shredding from frontman JoJo.

The TripDown Project are currently in talks about a London gig in the near future, we hope to have details soon. It was an all round brilliant night. Decent equipment was used and the sound engineering was right for the room, giving solid drums, deep bass, crisp guitar licks and clear vocals. With a decent crowd turning up to support the demand for this kind of event. We are hoping the New Rock Revolution will return again soon. If you like alternative music support the gigs and nights put on to show you are interested and you do want this.


Review by Casper Croft

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