Memories// Say Goodbye To Henry’s

For Henry’s nightclub fans there was maybe a little hope in the future it may re open, but before today rumours circulated on the demolition of the building and now the rumours appear to have been backed up.

Many a good night in Henry’s but it’s popularity dropped even when the door charge was irradiated. As they say ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it’. This pretty much sums up the scenario. No matter how hard they tried and no matter what effort and new events they introduced there just wasn’t enough people and interest for it.

I think when I was old enough to go out it had changed to TIME. It was a busy place and they whole layout seemed a lot bigger. I did used to like the old set up where you could wonder up and downstairs as you pleased with RnB upstairs and the general popular music downstairs peering through the glass windows to the crowded dance floor below. But obviously these two got split as there wasn’t enough people to fill both at the same time. It is a real shame as I know Henry’s was one of the only places some people would go on a night out in Scunthorpe, but these monthly visits could not keep it open the audience of people Henry’s hit grew up and started to come out less and it just didn’t seem to catch on with the cool kids of today.

£10 all in Sundays?…good times

What will you miss about Henry’s? Did you have a favourite time or memory of a night out there? Do you have a photo from back in the day when it was packed out when you attended? Where will you go instead?

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