Review// #Scunthorpe Town Centre On Halloween

For Halloween we attended a Halloween party and then onto a number of venues throughout the town centre. And it must be said that Henry’s probably topped the décor and effort for us personally. The floors were covered with winter leaves and the unused bars covered in black sheeting with clear plastic sections warning of dead inside. Kinda like the typical zombie movie or walking dead scenario. Also on our night at Henry’s we learnt the sad news of this being it’s last weekend open. Known as our only licensed club the demise of the venue has become clear with the younger revellers who go out every weekend choosing other places to party.

Most chilled atmosphere goes to Cafe INDIEpendent, with it’s glass wine bottle holders and tall candles burning on every table creating a quite haunting yet I suppose romantic atmosphere. We didn’t make it until later but Cafe INDIE was our first stop of the night. The thing that is nice about events at this venue is you know their is unlikely to be people who have drank too much falling all over and it has a rather classy yet quirky take on things. Cafe Indie Facebook here

We passed Sphere bar and popped in there for a drink, this place really does get forgotten about so we kind of just made our own private party for a while before heading to see where all the people were at.

Britannia held the most amount of people and was the longest time to get a drink, it was packed out and getting a drink was about an hour long mission which we soon got bored of. Brit photos here

Agenda at Class Six was also a very popular night and the costumes and effort we saw in there was actually pretty impressive. Agenda didn’t really need to decorate as the revellers themselves pretty much were the decoration. Agenda Photos Here

Agenda (Class Six)

I hear from the organiser of Indie Fright nights at Abacus it was also well attended and a good reception for the bands. Indie Friday’s Photos Here

Courtesy of Indie Friday’s

So where did you go on Halloween? What did you think of it? Have you got any good photos? Fancy reviewing it?

(Please note: we were not requested to review any of these events, it just happened to be the places we ended up popping into. Only 3 of us were out and we were just on our own personal time, so the places not mentioned are just places we didn’t manage to make, but what we would like is as we are always asking for new guest reviewers if you did attend something we didn’t, to send in a small paragraph about it or a full article with images to include)


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