Review//Sleeping Beauty – Moscow Ballet

aa553b1f82d0299344f7f198d5053de52edf143dAt the weekend we sent Scunthorpe Nights, Simone to review Sleeping Beauty performed by the Moscow Ballet La Classique and take in a little culture.

The Moscow Ballet of Classical Choreography – ‘La Classique’ – was founded in 1990, utilising ballet dancers from the leading theatres of the CIS Countries and the Bolshoi, Kirov and Ballet Theatres of Kiev and Odessa.

“The first thing you noticed when you took your seat was the stunning set design, although the set was very minimalistic with only 2 set changes all night, it looked beautiful and extremely well presented which certainly added to performance and enchantment of the evening.

The few props that were used where also brilliant to look at and very high quality. The visual effects used throughout the performance such as smoke and light changes where very well thought out and defiantly added mystery and excitement when watching.

I was amazed by the huge array of costume changes and the high quality of the costumes used making it easy to identify the difference in characters.

The dancers where very talented and danced effortlessly keeping everyone thoroughly entertained, the use of familiar classical pieces were used throughout. It was very enjoyable and kept us all gripped.

The baths Hall has a great atmosphere with friendly staff, it made for a very enjoyable night out.”



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