Monday morning 10:30am we sent mummy Simone and our youngest reviewer little Eve in her best threads to her first ever theatre experience to see the much loved children’s tale of ‘The Gruffalo’ on it’s final showing at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe. In preparation for this we showed Eve some videos of the show on YouTube and re read the book a handful of times. Unknown to us how she would react to the show as it did seem like it could be a bit spooky, even the hand dryer in the toilet scares her sometimes but…. she absolutely loved it.

Simone: As a big fan of the book I was interested to see how the play measured up and I was pleasantly surprised.

The staging and costumes used were kept simple as was the lighting, which was great for the younger audience members as it’s easier for them to follow the story and not be overwhelmed by effects.

The show followed the book and was set within the scenery of the deep dark woods. The play overall was a basic in layout including the set but never the less, it was still enjoyable for adults and children alike.

One catchy tune follows another, as the talented 3 member cast drive the show along. The kids undoubtedly loved when the Gruffalo himself entered the stage and his costume was without a doubt the best.

All the children were entertained throughout the whole performance, there was plenty of audience participation allowing the children to shout and join in, which of course they all loved just like the Christmas panto. It keeps them involved and interested.

The duration of the performance was perfect as it was just long enough to keep very little ones entertained and happy.Eve and myself were very pleased with this show it was like watching the book come to life in front of your eyes. If you enjoyed reading the book with your little ones then you should definitely not miss this. It is a brilliant musical adaptation of the children’s book.

All in all it was a great morning out and all the children left with smiles on their faces. The Baths Hall was a nice atmosphere for the children and they catered for their younger clients equally as well as they would for an adult show.

Reviewed by SQT

Coming soon to The Baths Hall MILKSHAKE LIVE 


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