Live Music// Big Weekend Ahead For Cafe INDIEpendent #Scunthorpe

Cafe INDIEpendentThis weekend coming (Friday 19th and Saturday 20th September) will see two big gigs one after another.

On the Friday

the popular Tacheless Promotions brings back Clint Boon, this time with his band  ‘Inspiral Carpets’. Tacheless usually have no problem getting to capacity at Cafe INDIEpendent as the nights have a rather loyal following and attendance.  Tickets are priced at £16. If you want to find out about any remaining tickets please contact. Tacheless Promotions. Doors Open at 8pm.

On Saturday

the Cafe will be taken over by hardcore Sheffield band ‘While She Sleeps’. Who have only just returned from touring Japan.

A few people have seen the hype for While She Sleeps and I think it’s safe to say there will be no struggle to fill the 200 people capacity with door only entry fee’s. If you want to get in you may expect to be queuing rather early or risk not getting in. The door fee will cost you £10. Because of the popularity of this band within the hardcore and metal scene, this avoids over priced ticket re sales/touts. Doors open at 7pm.

While She Sleeps are pushing 241k likes on Facebook and 47.7k on twitter last time I looked and the amount of worn merchandise seen around featuring their name.

So for those people wondering is this band for you as you haven’t heard them before, I’d take a listen. Their name could suggest they are a quiet bunch but this more acts as irony, I think. As it’s definitely not material for bedtime lullaby listening.

Both events will be 200 capacity, the Cafe INDIEpendent bar is open in the basement for gigs. But please remember Cafe INDIEpendent is a place to appreciate music and listen not get off your face on cheap beer.


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