All Day & All Ages Indoor Double Genre Event

If you are facing a little Party In The Pines withdrawal, or even if you just love indie or Hardr:ve then this event will be right up your street.

Obviously it will be different to being surrounded by tree’s in the middle of nowhere as it takes place over 2 floors at Henry’s in the town centre. Throughout the day there will be live music and jam sessions going on.

Then the alternative to this will be Hardr:ve. So this means two different genres and event types under one roof for the same ticket price and you are free to go up and down and switch between events.

Tickets are available from Celebrate Party Shop on Robert Street or from Acid Peacock promoter Brad Dring Hill. Advance £5 and on the door will be £10 so we please urge you to buy early and save yourself £5.

Under 18’s will be allowed until the stated time on the promo for the event.

The Indie and live music will be run by Acid Peacock who were your main stage organisation and booking for some of the Party In The Pines main stage line up.

The rave part is run by Hardr:ve who ran the rave arena at the festival.

We know it isn’t quite the same as being outdoors but it’s a cracking line up and a variation of music options in a town centre location.

Read more about the event in our interview with Acid Peacock


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