Band Review:Get Down With Dirty Sterling

1234306_10205350527112035_7537157003814695560_nIndie rock’n’roller’s Dirty Sterling are without a doubt one of the most popular local bands in the area. Why? Well people just know their songs and they get the crowd going. Music with attitude and some encouraging stage banter to the audience.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an audience stand still to Sterling and this Saturday was no exception, they headlined a local gig to a packed out venue. They were set to appear at a new venue called Cafe INDIEpendent unfortunately the venue wasn’t ready due to it being completely renovated by volunteers and young people but with a last minute venue swop to a large bar down the road the night went smooth and the capacity went up.

It was really great to see so many people attend to support live music at a venue they would normally associate with a Saturday night out to Chart music.

Dirty Sterling ran through a well known set list that had the crowd repeating back, arms in the air, full volume and effort. Quite a few of their songs are fan favorite’s, these lot have their own following, their own crowd and have the ability to make any crowd their own even if they weren’t when they walked in.

Mark Donaldson the front man of Dirty Sterling interacts with the crowd and warms them up, he adds a certain swagger to the band with his slightly cocky seeming exterior on stage, but it works well and they have the party attitude to compliment it.

Dirty Sterling are energetic, lively and even though their song lyrics sometimes depict how they have no sterling their tunes are surprisingly uplifting. Whether your an indie lover or not songs like “Go with the Flow” and “Do I want to dance” could initially become indie anthems with their catchy chorus and melody. I particularly like when they have their Saxophone player, really adds a different vibe and style to the music.

Check the guys out & if you like what you hear give them some feedback. They live in Scunthorpe but are up for travelling their music around so any gig proposals don’t hesitate to contact them, so you can have a night partying with Dirty Sterling and their loyal following.

TWITTER: @DirtySterling

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