Gay marriage at the Grammy awards!!!

Scunthorpe & N Lincs LGBTQ

Did anyone see the Grammy awards the other night?

I did as I’m a huge geek and watch all the award shows that I possibly can, anyway back to the point, 34 couples where officially married on stage by queen Latifa and many of those where gay couples. The couples where married in the middle of a song by Macklemore about equality

As you can imagine this sparked outrage and the American papers haven’t stopped going on about it since, so it’s ok for miley to twirk on some guy on live tv but god forbid the gays go on telly, haha

I did personally find it a bit bizzare but not because they where gay couples just because the thought of getting married in the middle of a Grammy awards ceremony is just a bit strange but everyone has different ways to get their kicks I suppose

If you…

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