Cinema Release Review: 12 Years A Slave

Backseat Mafia

12 Years A Slave was released in the USA last year but has only just been released onto the UK cinema screens.
If you are easily offended or feeling low, I wouldn’t recommend this film. It depicts the disgusting attitude taken towards slavery.
It’s a rather shocking film and if you tear up easily i’d suggest you grab a box of tissues. It does last a rather long length of time and it uses long scenes to dramatise certain situations.
It’s a deep and saddening film leaving you feel relieved for the ending to be happy but also a little low from the behavior you have just seen is based on a true story from the 1853 autobiography by Solomon Northup.
I won’t give too much away but the scenes are powerful and involve a lot of slave punishment and attitude. The main character Solomon is a New York State-born…

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