Film Review: Insidious ‘Chapter 2’ Spolier

Backseat Mafia


The first installment of Insidious left me unimpressed and bored to say the least. So much so I can barely remember what happened but the basic storyline of the Lambert family’s son Dalton lost in the spirit world and separated from his body lost in the world of the dead. Dalton and his father both have the ability to enter the spirit world and leave their body as they sleep, which can lead to complications of the dead trying to take host of the sleeping body.

In the first chapter Dalton is brought back to his physical body but in the transition his dad’s body is taken over by the chilling lady in black and the murder of medium Elise Rainier.

Chapter 2 picks up where the story left off and can get a little confusing at times as it goes back in time a lot to when the father of the…

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