Video Review: Super Electric Party Machine – ‘Boys That Go Woot!’ Ft. Roxy Cottontail

Backseat Mafia

This is a brand new video for a song that features on a  brand new and exciting album to be released 0n January 13th 2014. Carnage Music present ‘Super Electric Party Machine’ But we will talk a little more about the album info after the video release. The video is for ‘Boys That Go Woot!’ Ft. Roxy Cottontail.

First impressions of the video reminds me of a japanese show. Using pop up bubble gum words and  Roxy Cottontail’s distinctive pink hair. Fast cut clips to a fast track tune. The use of children in the video as opposed to using men is in a way quite clever. I mean she is singing I like the boys. Does add a little comedy to the video with dancing cool kids, this video isn’t to be taken seriously but to be taken in a the spirit of light hearted fun, get up and dance party kind of attitude…

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