Track Review: Kera and The Lesbians “Snakes”

Backseat Mafia

At the minute I’m quite into my indie/folk influenced bands so on first time hearing Kera and The Lesbians new song “Snakes” off the upcoming EP, to be released in the new year, I was pleasantly surprised and quite captivated by the sound.
The track starts of quite quiet with some very softly sang lyrics then the beat kicks in and hits you. A strong presence of tambourine and big bass line. They describe themselves as bipolar folk, Not sure this is how I would describe them but the song itself is beautiful in the sense it’s not overly produced. The vocals have a certain effect to them which gives it a great uniqueness almost echoing is how I can attempt to describe them, with a feel of an early music era. At times very percussion based sound but what they do with that percussion is a powerful thing!

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