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Band Interview: Sheffield Based Band “The North”

Backseat Mafia

A few months ago the boys sent Scunthorpe Nights their latest demo, we were very impressed with the quality of the song writing, melody and feel of the music. You can tell where their influences derive from as it comes through in the sound they produce. It appears fans agree as they seem to have quite a following on social media and at performances.

The band tweeted to a fan:
The North ‏@TheNorthBandUK

 “we are working really hard on the new album and need to get it bang on before we tour it 🙂 xxx”

So you can expect to see these boys in venues across the UK soon I expect.  This year alone they have played some pretty established venues and festivals such as The Sheffield O2 arena and Mosborough Festival among others. Not only will you spot them at various gigs and venues you can also catch them…

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Live: The Happy Mondays. ‘Bummed’ in Leeds 30/11/13

Backseat Mafia

November 1988. I’d just finished a 10 hour shift at a shit job in a dirty factory just outside Leeds. It was cold dark and pretty miserable, as I made my way into town on possibly the worst moped anyone could possibly own. None of that really mattered though. The Happy Mondays had just released their new album, ‘Bummed’, and I was off to score my copy.


The LP was too big for the mopeds top box, and I didn’t have a bag, so I carried it home wedged between my knees. I nearly dropped it twice, but I managed to get it home in one piece. I was supposed to be going out and intended to just listen to side one as I got bathed and changed. Instead I listened to the entire album front to back – twice.

Produced by the legendary Martin Hamnett, ‘Bummed’ was The Mondays…

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New Music: Ming City Rockers – I want to get out of here but I can’t take you anywhere

From TheBackSeatMafia about Grimsby band Ming City Rockers

Backseat Mafia


Immingham, Lincolnshire. Unless your a fan of chemical plants, and the bright lights of Grimsby, err, there’s not much to savour in immingham, except to get out of it if you can. And if you can’t, that sad realisation passes over you that you’re stuck in a nowhere town, with nothing to do. As immingham residents Ming City Rockers say ‘I wanna walk in the sun and admire its rays, but it’s getting pretty hard as I sleep all day…’

Their new, debut, single is about that very subject. I wanna get out of here but I can’t take you anywhere, sums up those feelings of isolation and disappointment. And listening to the song, and the group, thes this sort of latent anger about it all. They make this adrenelin fuelled rock and roll, in the very spirit of Chick Berry and Gene Vincent and give it this punk attitude…

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