Non Profit Promotion.

We write, we design and we support local & we PROMOTE free.
We are constantly looking for new people to contribute. Whether it be taking photos of an event you attend or writting a review of what you saw or heard. Get in touch scunnynights@gmail.com

Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/wearescunnynights

Please take a few moments to fill in the survey.
Our Facebook page-Please like and share or invite friends. We would really appreciate it.

We promote & review events day or night in Scunthorpe & surrounding areas.

We help venues & promoters find acts, Make posters for charity organisations. Help promote local. This helps promoters/venues/bands get free promotion and let’s you know what’s going on in the area.

We like to help but without you we wouldn’t get very far. We need you to share, like, send in events and show your support for local Non Profit Media.

We are a team of volunteers and this is our hobby along side full time work. So please bare with us if you don’t hear from us straight away.

What can we do to improve? We have now taken on more voluntary and guest reviewers ranging from ages 15 upwards. This means we can reach more events and write more content. Please take a few moments to fill in the feedback survey at the bottom of the page.

Given everyone a chance to get a taste of reviewing. We also have some side projects where we help charities and new starter nights/events promote by creating posters and flyers completely free and doing a pre promotion article and after review.

Also we have started input and efforts into supporting those who need it working with a local support community group.

We don’t claim to be professionals but we have fun doing what we do. But what can we do to help you? How could we improve our voluntary services.


What we do other than the things above:

  • Pre promote events
  • Review events
  • Promote acts and bands
  • Promote local community events
  • Post what’s on
  • Help people with questions we know answers to
  • Find bands for local events for local people & charities.
  • Work with other community organisations.
  • Create D.I.Y interview & promo videos
  • Invite our 100’s of friends to like your page on request by promoter.
  • Invite relevant people to events on request by promoter

We are here to promote positive and support the community.

If we have helped you, can you please help us back.

All you need to do is please go to www.facebook.com/WeAreScunnyNights and click to invite as many friends as you can. With the recent changes to Facebook feeds, it is encouraging paid page promotion, this is where charity and local organisation pages will be missed out of feeds. If you have a page just let us know when you have invited all your friends to ours and we will return the favour.

Request a review-
We will try to make every event we are invited to review.We will prioritise your event and pre promote it, we usually aim to get a review on within a couple of days. We consider every event of any kind. We attend a lot of things we wouldn’t normally and give it a try to promote it the best we can.

Send us your event details-  You can send us your poster or event information and we will share it for you, simply fill in the form or post it on our Facebook wall.

Send In News or Press Releases- Send in your press releases or any news stories, news stories we will usually pass on to our partners at www.thescunthorpeindependent.com.

We thank everyone for their support and for all the people, organisations, bands and community groups who have invited us to events.

Results so far here
Take Our Survey!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for the follow! I will be sure to make it interesting enough to come back often. Maybe even be good enough to be included in your indy publication. (If so, let me know for me to have bragging rights! )


    1. The Axettes are now called Rose Gold and continue to cover indie/pop and original material. The band now has a new drummer.We are available for gigs around the area.


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