Non Profit Promotion. Free Promotion and Advice. Reviews. What’s On

Promoting & reviewing events day or night in Scunthorpe & surrounding areas.

Helping venues & promoters find acts, creating posters, promoting local Arts, Music, Theatre and Food and anything else that involves leisure and entertainment in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas.

Without you we wouldn’t get very far. We need you to share, like, send in events and show your support for local Non Profit Media.

I am a volunteer, I do not get paid this is my hobby and passion along side full time work.

I initially started Scunthorpe Nights on twitter in around 2014 and from that I’ve dedicated my spare time to it and never given up, no matter how frustrating it has been at times.


Interested in guest reviewing? Whether you just want to do one now and again, or everyday. That’s up to you. But get in touch via scunnynights@gmail.com

The Scunthorpe Nights Mission

  • Promote events
  • Review events
  • Promote local acts, gigs and bands
  • Promote local community events
  • List What’s On so the local public know
  • General promotion support
  • Show local people what the local area has to offer
  • Promote positivity in the area and support the community.

If Scunthorpe Nights has helped you, please help back by inviting friends, sharing posts, tagging or downloading the new what’s on guide.

How can you help?


Send in your event details- If you have a list of events coming up rather than 5 different posters, then please submit the list via email or inbox.

Thank you to everyone for their support and for all the people, organizations, bands and community groups who have invited Scunthorpe Nights to events.


Who pays for website hosting domain and running of the website?

I do, I don’t receive monetary rewards but on occasion I have offered sponsorship space to support the website.

Why do you do it if you don’t get paid?

Well, it’s not about the money for me, it’s about supporting local and that is something I am passionate about. I get to attend some really cool events and taste some delicious food and then write about it. Venues and events struggle enough without having to pay for advertising and there is a lack of places to advertise.

What annoys you about running the network?

Mostly when venues don’t support back. I search for their events and list them without them even asking a lot of the time. It’s rare to get a thank you or a re share, but with some exceptions. When people comment negative s**t on events or community news. Or the the classic “What’s the best part about Scunthorpe” and many people find themselves absolutely hilarious to say “the road out”.

Why do you like running the network?

I like helping people promote, I love to see events and venues get the customers and acknowledgment they deserve. I love to see videos and photos of busy events and see positive comments about them. I’ve met some lovely people over the years through Scunthorpe Nights, and some not so nice haha. I get to see the town in a positive light and just how much is happening that people don’t seem to appreciate or see.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for the follow! I will be sure to make it interesting enough to come back often. Maybe even be good enough to be included in your indy publication. (If so, let me know for me to have bragging rights! )


    1. The Axettes are now called Rose Gold and continue to cover indie/pop and original material. The band now has a new drummer.We are available for gigs around the area.


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