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Update 17.05.2022

Over 200 people have now submitted objection comments via the North Lincolnshire Council planning website. Around 20/30 written objections posted to Church Square House and 1,342 have signed the petition on

The charity “Music Venue Trust” are now showing support for the campaign to save The venue from Demolition. The MVT is a UK registered charity that acts to protect and improve grassroots venues. It has previously saved important community assets in other regions such as the New Adelphi in Hull.

On the evening of 10th May 2022 this notice was left on a post outside the The Lincoln Imp.

It states any objections must be written and posted to North Lincolnshire council. Post your objection letters to:

Development Management Team
North Lincolnshire Council
Church Square House
30-40 High St
DN15 6NL

Please bare in mind this is a template, mocked up to make it easier for everyone, you may wish to update, edit and add your own objection reasons. I.e. you might want to mention issues with the proposed 20 houses. Please add your name and address to the letter and post asap.

The Imp is a great venue and small independent music venues are in short supply these days. Let’s not lose another one.

John- petition

I have already written a comment to the north Lincolnshire council on why this venue is essential. But it just shows how many people care with how many people are signing this petition! If the lincoln imp was gone that would be another nail in the coffin which is Scunthorpe. All these developments been made to our town assuring us more housing and more jobs but all I am see is people losing there homes and there jobs across the high street .. nothing but a ghost town

Ellie- petition

Read the original article about proposed plans HERE

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