Scunthorpe Venue Aid 2021

Promoters, venues, bands, photographers and friends of live music. When we can once again support and attend live music, let’s do it!

A group and page has been set up to help organize and support live local venues. The hope is that when we are allowed gigs, a weeks worth of live music can be set up at various venues with all proceeds going to the venues. At each gig there will be a donation bucket for the venue and obviously you’ll help them by contributing to their bar sales.

I don’t know about you but a year without live music has been a strange one, I can’t wait to see any band live. I don’t care what genre they are, I just want to be there.

I’d also like to add that it is important for bands to be involved but it is equally as important for music lovers and gig goers to be involved. So whilst you might not be involved in setting up the gig, everyone can do their bit by sharing a post, inviting friends and most importantly attending a gig or all the gigs if possible.

Local musician and sound engineer Dave Thorpe said:

The concept of this is all Gary Butcher, but in essence – when we can all attend gigs again, let’s make some f****g awesome ones! We are looking for people to donate their time for free. This isn’t about money, this is about community, solidarity, fun and above all live music!

We are going to speak to local venues who have suffered over lockdown, but have always been there for us. We are going to put on the mother of all gigs (possibly even a week’s worth, with every night catering for a different style). No cost involved anywhere, just contribution buckets for the venue and obviously they keep all the alcohol sales.

We are looking for bands, promoters, sound engineers etc to give their time for free as a one off, people to help set up, roadie, be on the door, film it, make the tea haha whatever!

Any contribution massively appreciated, even just a desire to come and enjoy.

The wheels are already in motion, more to come… Soon!

Dave Thorpe

And local promoter, Lizard King Promo, Mike Linehan said:

We are looking at doing which is a post lockdown venue fundraiser. Live music venues, bands and artists have been the hardest hit and least supported during this year’s pandemic.

Being a big lover of live music I know how important it is to show our appreciation back to the venues who have allowed bands to grace their stages, helped scenes grow with the community and friends that’s been created because of them.

Without the venues we have have no home for the events we used to take for granted, this is about us as a community giving something back.

A big thanks to Gary Butcher for this brain child.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll be collectively monitoring the new guidelines to see when such an event(s) could be held and hopefully be able to set a date to look forward to.

In the meantime what would be good is to share this group far and wide, inviting like minded people, fans, bands, performers, photographers, tech guys and anyone who might appreciate giving something back!

Live music will return! 🤘

Mike Linehan



Want to get involved? Whether you’re a band, performer, promoter, photographer, sound engineer or just someone with time to offer. You can also join the friendly group chat via the Venue aid group here.

If you are a venue wanting to host a gig then please join the group and leave a comment and I’m sure one of the promoters will get back to you.


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