Review// Final Farewell to the previous Landlady of Lincoln Imp

It was the end of an era this past weekend, when after five years, landlady Lorraine Briggs called last orders on her time at The Lincoln Imp, as she settles down with partner Paul to raise her grandkids.

The final weekend’s events saw Adam Perkins bring his Tired Bear Booking and Promotions event to the Imp.

Adam, who as well as running and promoting events, also performs in three bands who have all played the Imp in the past. Adam is the drummer in Regulus, guitarist in Boats Boats Boats and would be performing later that night as a guitarist in Faith In Casinos.

Friday nights line up featured four rock bands, starting with The Wildflowers, followed by Kaylyde, with Adam’s band, Faith in Casinos performing before the headline act, Bear Makes Ninja.

Photos courtesy of © Tyler Rayner Photography

All four bands performed enjoyable sets, with my personal favourites being Kaylyde and Faith in Casinos, but I would recommend going to see all four bands if you get the chance.

© Tyler Rayner Photography ©

Landlady Lorraine and her partner Paul joined all the bands on stage after the gig, as they were wished well for the future, as this would be many peoples last chance to see them before they left the Imp.

Tired Bear Booking and Promotions do plan on returning to the Imp, but until we all know what is happening with the venue in the future, this event has been put on hold but hopefully it will be able to go ahead as they put on good shows.

© Tyler Rayner Photography

Saturday night, which was Lorraine’s last night, was the final of Will Nicklen’s Crown Promotion and Management’s Battle of the Acoustics competition.

© Tyler Rayner Photography

The judges for the competition were Ramble Gamble’s Matt Hercock and Jonny Lavin, Charley Grace, Naj Modak and myself.

The contestants were Franky Napolitano, Patrick Clayton, Jonny Bilton, Em B, Alex Kyle and Neve Stokoe.

© Tyler Rayner Photography

The contestants were judged on Vocals, Instruments, Stage Presence and Overall Set, with the votes being very close.

After a tough decision, the points awarded were added up and the results were announced by Lorraine.

Em B came third, Jonny Bilton second and Alex Kyle first.

The prizes were awarded and the it was time for everyone to say their farewells to everyone at the Imp.

Over the past few years, the Imp has grown into my personal favourite music venue in Scunthorpe, which has to be credited to the excellent work Lorraine, Paul, Will, Kev, Charlie, the bar staff and all musicians and promoters who have put on so many great events.

From local talent to international bands with number one hits, the Imp has seen so many acts and has been so helpful, allowing us to come and attend events so we can review them.

Whilst the future of the Imp is currently unknown, as talks are ongoing at this moment, hopefully the Imp will be able to continue running the same kind of events that it has got it to be awarded third best small music venue in the country.

One thing that I do know is that the venue won’t be the same without Lorraine, so from everyone at Scunthorpe Nights, we want to wish you the best and hopefully see you around!

Review courtesy of Steven Potter

Photos courtesy of © Tyler Rayner Photography

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