Quick Food Review // Canton Chinese Munch Box 2

So the latest craze in fast food at the minute is shoving everything in to one pizza box. In someways it’s a good thing, less plastic tubs for the environment and less plate washing and dishing up for you.

We tried the Canton Chinese Munch box 2. The box costs £15 and you get the choice of one sauce. We added an extra sauce for £1.50.

Was it worth £15? Probably not. There are better deals out there where you get more for your money but it was good for a quick tea to pick at.

The Munch box came with a tray of plain egg fried rice, 4 prawn toast, 4 spare ribs, fried shredded chicken, 4 spring rolls and samosas, sauce and 4 large chicken balls.

Everything tasted OK, but prawn toast was a little iffy so we skipped that. The chicken balls were pretty big and tasty and the little spare ribs were cooked well. It was all a little beige so doesn’t look all that appealing. The salt and pepper chips could do with a bit more flavouring as they just tasted like normal chips with some bits of carrot and onion.

It was nice, but we found it a little over priced for what it was. We probably wouldn’t order this particular meal again but would perhaps try something else from the Canton menu.

All the food was hot except the fried shredded chicken and there wasn’t much chicken in the batter.

Delivery time was around an hour but it was a Saturday night and cost £2.

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