Review // North Lindsey Family Fun Day

On Saturday 9th June, North Lindsey College opened its gates for a few hours of totally free fun for the family.

We weren’t sure what to expect but we borrowed some children and went along. We were both former students of the college and it seems a lot more advanced than when we were there, it’s hardly recognisable but that was 10 years ago.

Upon arrival there was a huge inflatable pyramid climbing wall and a bouncy castle. At the front table outside the college entrance you could obtain a very helpful map with a list of numbered area’s and lists of each activity in the areas. I must say this was really well put together and it was very well organised.

Number 2 on the map was fairground stall games, spin the wheel and throwing rope rings over wooden bottles and this was also free and the children got a prize or a lollipop if they didn’t win. There was also large garden games such as connect4, snakes and ladders etc. The local fire crew had brought the engine and boat for the kids to have a look at as well.

Over the other side towards where the hair and beauty building is there’s another field and this offered Zorbing matches, where the kids could get inside a blow up ball and battle each other out, a little like sumo suits really but in a bubble. Behind that, Nerf wars, two teams of children head to head in a game of Nerf gun wars. This looked a popular activity.

The brand new animal care unit is absolutely brilliant in comparison to what it was. It’s like a mini zoo with really nicely built enclosures containing more species than before, like Bill & Ted the little monkeys, skunks, Meerkats, chickens, birds and much more.

The field near the STEAM building had a lot going on, kid’s could get fake wounds, play with playdough, make giant bubbles, do obstacle courses, crafts, eat popcorn and even have a go on the inflatable bungee run.

I’m not sure what was in the main college building or the automotive as we just didn’t get time to see but we will definitely go again next year as the kids love it.

It was really nice that it wasn’t a money grabbing opportunity, they could have charged a couple of quid for a go on the bouncy castle, bungee run, climbing wall etc but they didn’t and this is what made it such a nice day for everyone in attendance. Taking a family out for the day to something like that is usually going to cost you a lot, especially after you’ve added up all the £2 a go’s.

I can’t possibly go into everything they had on offer because there was an overwhelming amount for kids to do, we didn’t manage to do it all the time we had.

If something could be improved, I’d say make it longer as 10am-2pm wasn’t long enough or maybe start it a little later and go on till 4pm but I understand most people helping out were probably giving up their free time. It would have also been pretty good if they had some of the college drama or music students performing in a main arena or stage as the weather was lovely and the vibe was nice so I think some singing and dancing might have just topped it off nicely.


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