Review // Lisa Stansfield at The Baths Hall

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Rochdale born Lisa Stansfield became a household name with a string of hit singles and albums, which led to her winning Brit Awards, having a song win an Ivor Novello award and being nominated for Grammy Awards.

Lisa also performed on Band Aid 2’s hit “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and performed at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert at Wembley.

If I was to list all of the achievements Lisa has made in her career, I could be here a long time, so what I have listed above is just a small selection.

With the release of her latest album called “Deeper”, Lisa performed at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe, as part of her European Tour.

Lisa was supported by Israeli born, London based, singer songwriter Irit.

Irit Dekel is a comedian, film maker, host of several Israeli TV shows and most surprisingly, even served as a sniper when she served her national service for the Israeli Military.

Irit performed a set of pop songs from her album “Hello”, which seemed similar in style to Caro Emerald, who she has recently supported.

The set went down well with the crowd in attendance with a loud round of applause after each song.

Lisa then arrived on the stage to perform a set that lasted almost 2 hours including the encore.

Playing classic hits such as “All Around The World”, “All Woman”, “People Hold On”, “Change” and many more, as well as performing tracks from her latest album.

A mixture pop and soul songs, Lisa’s performance had the all seated crowd up on their feet and dancing around, making the event feel like a party atmosphere.

Including Lisa, 9 other band members filled the stage, with a wide range of instruments and performers, putting on a fantastic performance.

Speaking to a few of the sold out crowd in attendance, they thought it was worth every penny, with one guy saying he has been to every show in the UK leg of the tour so far and he really liked the show and the venue.

I enjoyed both performances and thought it was a good nights entertainment and look forward to seeing more great nights like this at The Baths Hall in the future.

Photos and review courtesy of Steven Potter

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