Panto Review // Robin Hood & The Babes In The Wood

It’s that time of year again, Panto season. Last week the annual christmas Pantomime kicked off with Scunthorpe’s beloved dame “Annie Fanny.”

Now going to the show as two adults without children at first seemed a bit strange but there were quite a few adults there with friends for an evening out at the theatre.

The centre of the auditorium was full as everyone took their seats for the festivities to come. I must say this year being at The Baths Hall has massively improved the set design and stage production. The sets throughout and changeovers were smooth and stunning for the local production.

The story was a variation of Robin Hood, sort of crossed with a Hansel and Gretel vibe. The “babes” in the title were in fact referring to the King’s two small children named Jack & Jill who are unwilling left with their relative, the bad man of the show, The Sheriff of Nottingham “Oh No, Not the Sheriff of Nottingham”, you’ll get that bit if you go see it.

The costumes were great, very colourful and well designed, with plenty of outfit changes especially for Annie.

Annie Fanny really is the star of the show and probably the reason we love it so much, as every time she appears in a new striking outfit the audience greets her with the well known wave and catchphrase “Hello, Annie Fanny”. It’s like going to watch a night of comedy as the laughs for the adults just keep coming, especially with the recent news in the press about Panto’s being too full of innuendos and rudeness. Annie makes reference to them having to clean this one up but it’s still fantastic.

The songs throughout were a good mix but I particularly liked that they learnt the words to a popular song featuring Justin Bieber. The whole cast performed brilliantly and the backstage crew did a great job.

There always has to be a scene that makes a mess and gets the audience a little bit dirty, so the baking scene saw people all over the audience get their head covered in cream, flour and hit with the super soakers with the Baths Hall staff on hand to pass out the towels. Another great scene was when the cast perform an alternative 12 days of christmas song in a line, it’s just brilliant but looks so exhausting.IMG_20171215_195759.jpg

The laughs lasted right up until the end of the show. I would easily recommend this to adults with or without children, you will just love it. Yes, a few things went wrong and a few lines forgotten but they do perform up to 3 shows a day which must be so tiring, also I kind of like it when things go wrong, it’s part of the show and adds to the comedic value of making each performance unique. The cast all played their parts well from the leads to the dancers and they certainly looked the part with their dazzling costumes. To be honest I’d even go see this again, so don’t miss out!!

Adult £16, concession £13, family of four £51, schools £9.75. (Please note a booking fee may apply, see website for details.)

Showtimes & Dates

Mon December 18 2017 1:30PM


Tue December 19 2017 10:00AM


Tue December 19 2017 1:30PM


Thu December 21 2017 2:00PM


Thu December 21 2017 7:00PM


Fri December 22 2017 2:00PM


Fri December 22 2017 7:00PM


Sat December 23 2017 2:00PM


Sat December 23 2017 7:00PM


Sun December 24 2017 10:00AM


Sun December 24 2017 2:00PM

   Last Few Tickets

Tue December 26 2017 2:00PM


Tue December 26 2017 7:00PM


Wed December 27 2017 2:00PM


Wed December 27 2017 7:00PM


Thu December 28 2017 10:00AM


Thu December 28 2017 7:00PM


Fri December 29 2017 2:00PM


Fri December 29 2017 7:00PM


Sat December 30 2017 2:00PM


Sat December 30 2017 7:00PM


Sun December 31 2017 10:00AM


Sun December 31 2017 2:00PM



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