Petition Target Reached // Kingsway Golf Course

A petition was started by local man Neil Herrick just over 3 weeks ago to get the council to re discuss the future of Kingsway Golf Course.

Neil’s petition asks that the site be maintained as both a golf course and nature reserve and he has gathered over 1,550 signatures.

Neil says:

North Lincolnshire Council want to abolish the Kingsway Golf Course in favour of a nature reserve, this area of land has been a golf course since 1971 and has provided the perfect opportunity for people young and old to take up the sport. During this time the course has been played by thousands of people who cannot afford to join one of the expensive golf clubs in the area, by retaining the course we would be ensuring all people have the opportunity to enjoy the sport not just those with the good fortune to have the money to pay annual golf club membership fees. I am recommending a joint venture to the council, retain a 9 hole golf course and turn the woodland area into a nature reserve, so rather than taking a sporting facility away from us they will be keeping it and at the same time adding a new wild life experience for those who want to enjoy one or the other or both, everybody wins !

Thanks to all those who supported my petition we have easily passed the required 1500 mark to force the council to debate the issue at a meeting of the full council. I will be presenting the petition to the council”

What do you think should happen to the golf course?

You can still sign the petition via 

Photos courtesy of Scunthorpe Nights

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